Runic name Lightning
Skills Sword
Dislikes Saito

Jean-Jacques Francis, Viscount of Wardes, is the captain of Tristain's Griffin Knights, and Louise's (former) fiancé. When Louise sent on mission for Princess Henrietta, Henrietta sends him with Louise to Albion as part of the war, and their 'wedding'.

In the anime Wardes dies at the battle when Albion tries to invade Tristain at the vilage of Tarbes.

In the Light Novels, he was merely severely injured by the machine guns on the Zero Fighter and was sent away for recuperation. After Cromwell is killed he left Albion along with Fouquet as his aide. He searched for clues about the Holy Land as her mother was a researcher in that area of expertise. What she found drove her to madness and she was confined by the rest of the family, but due to a accident she died as a direct result of Wardes' actions. He blames himself for her death, and after going through her mother's journal he found the reason for her madness and resolved to find out just what had her mother discovered.

In Volume 19 he and Mathilda were hired by the Pope to go into the Sahara to retrieve Saito and Tiffania who was captured by the elves. He was given the order that if Saito and Tifa were too much trouble to bring them back in order to be eliminated so the Void power can move on to its next host.


He is most likely named after the Comte de Wardes, a character from Alexandre Dumas ' The Three Musketeers (from which Zero no Tskaima draws a lot of its inspiration). A friend and agent of the Cardinal, cousin to de Rochefort, and Milady of Winter's lover. He is almost able to stop D’Artagnan, the main character, from traveling to England and getting the studs, but D’Artagnan wounds him three times in a swordfight. Later D’Artagnan borrows his identity in order to seduce Milady.