Wales, Crown Prince of Albion
Title Crown Prince of Albion
Gender Male
Age 18-20
Country Albion
Occupation Crown Prince of Albion
Magical affinity Wind
Magical level Triangle
Hobbies Studying about combining square magic to get the pentagon magic level
Voiced by Masahiro Yamanaka (Japanese)

Prince Wales Tudor is the Prince of Albion and Henrietta's cousin. He and Henrietta had a romantic relationship, but is faced with their status as cousins. His vow to the water spirit is to one day be able to show his feelings to Henrietta without needing to hide it from the public. He is killed by Wardes in the first season.

In the second season, Wales was revived to abduct Henrietta to Albion but killed again. Wales is a triangle wind mage, and in the second season, he showed that nobles of royal heritage can combine their magical power with other royals and create power above pentagram grade (possibly up to decagram grade with two pentagram mages). His magical affinity is Wind.