04-Pledge of Water Spirits

04-Water Spirit of Oath

One day, Princess Louise Henrietta is invoked. It is the magic of the legendary [Nothingness] worried that manipulate the body of Louise. Louise was the pledge of allegiance to Me Oh, that Henrietta, Henrietta minds behind the Prince of Wales adores, had sunk deep. At that time, so her feelings Tsukeiru, the tactics of the enemy begin to move ... ...!?

Chapter 1 - The Saint

Chapter 2 - Saito Goes Shopping in the Triumphant Town

Chapter 3 - The Sailor Outfit and Louise's Jealousy

Chapter 4 - Tabitha's Secret

Chapter 5 - The Strength of a Love Potion

Chapter 6 - The Water Spirit

Chapter 7 - The Ring of Andvari

Chapter 8 - Reunion with Falsehood

Chapter 9 - Confrontation of Sadness

Other Title:Water Spirit's commitment