Albion of the Wind is the second volume of The Familiar of Zero.

02-Albion of the Wind

It was felt that Saito and narrow the distance at a party Louise, Louise treat a servant as ever Saito. Saito does not understand is, just fight with Louise. Saito is not convincing, just fight with Louise. One day, the princess Henrietta Torisutein, we have Louise's had a wish. The Prince of Albion was once love, that I want you to return the love letters exchanged. The letter offers came never to be seen by others. We assumed Saito, but would go along with Wardes Viscount escort, I Wardes, the fiancee Louise, or how -!?

Chapter 1 - A Secret Boat

Chapter 2 - Her Majesty's Melancholy

Chapter 3 - A Childhood Friend's Request

Chapter 4 - Port City - La Rochelle

Chapter 5 - A Rest Day Before Leaving

Chapter 6 - The White Country

Chapter 7 - The Prince of a Dying Country

Chapter 8 - The Eve before the Final Battle in Newcastle

Chapter 9 - The Final Battle