Tabitha's Adventure, Volume 3 is the third volume of Tabitha's Adventure.

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Charlotte's Gallic prince was twelve years old, surrounded by gentle father and mother, on easy street, lived a happy life. One day, however, would have been a feud over the throne from his father was assassinated. My mother is continuously poisoned, lost heart. Charlotte was left alone, is knighted undertake a dangerous mission north flower bed that can not be made public. The first instruction given to Charlotte and not battling the sylvan Kimeradoragon rid of fungus. If the mother is killed accomplish the mission. Charlotte is going to endure the horror Forest -. Cold, mysterious girl "like snow, Tabitha," that talked about the birth, third series!

  • Story 9 - Tabitha and Sylphid
  • Story 10 - Tabitha and the old Warrior
  • Story 11 - Tabitha and first Love
  • Story 12 - Tabitha's Birth


Vol3 Story 9 - Tabitha and Sylphid
marks Tabitha's first meeting with Irukukuu. Sylphid was curious about humans to begin with, something her parents said wasn't a good idea; that curiosity was what drove Sylphid to answer the summon before elders did anything about it. Tabitha managed to contract with Sylphid and the runes appeared on the sole of one of her claws.
Tabitha knew Sylphid was a rhyme dragon in one glance right after seeing the shape of the eyes is different. Sylphid had some disagreements with Tabitha, but her cold gaze made Sylphid had 2nd thoughts about rebelling.

One of the first things Tabitha did was command Sylphid to never talk unless she's 3,000 metres above ground. Then she sent Sylphid to buy some books for her since she can't go herself as she has class, already knowing Sylphid can change to human form.
Sylphid got lost in town, used some of the money Tabitha gave her for food since she was hungry (and not knowing she has to exchange them for goods), and didn't have enough left to buy the books Tabitha wanted.
Then Sylphid got fooled into believing someone will just give her money and was captured by human traffickers. She tried to change form and break the ropes, but it was enchanted to can't broken easily from struggling.
When passing the borders into Germania, the customs official was in on the operation and let them pass. Sylphid was incensed enough by the corruption to change form and broke through the ropes and after taking down the official the two mages that abducted her used the 'spider web' spell to hold Sylphid, as she wasn't experienced enough and only looked at the enemy in front of her.
Tabitha came in right before they decided to just kill Sylphid to save trouble, and after defeating the mages she left them to the Knights that came looking for the cause of the problems.
After that, Tabitha chose the name 'Sylphid' for Irukukuu and Irukukuu decided to treat Tabitha as a elder sister.

Vol3 Story 10 - Tabitha and the old Warrior
Tabitha is sent to destroy 30 goblins that has been attacking a town. She used 'Night Vision' spell that can be used at the same time as other spells, and used wind to prevent goblins to catch her scent.
After invading and taking down most of the warriors, the goblin priest in charge showed up. It's capable of human speech and also Firstborn/Spirit magic, and was the same leader as the one from 20 years ago that attacked the village for the store of Earthstones (Think windstones, but Earth element).
The goblin priest called the residents of the village the real monsters. and after Tabitha killed the rest of the goblins she found out why.

The old guard who lived at the village was the only human, every one else was dolls made by the late duchess who was a Square-class Earth mage - including the duchess who sent out the request for a knight to come settle the goblin problem. The dolls were partially based on Earthstones, and was created after the village was wiped out after the raid 20 years ago.
The duchess did this after thinking if they all die the old guard who has loyally served their family for 50 years by then would be saddened, so she made the facade that will last until he dies, before every doll here fade back into dust.
Tabitha thought she preferred the truth is she can decide; no matter how painful, she don't want to be lied to like he did. She respected the wishes of the duchess and left without telling the old guard anything.

Vol3 Story 11 - Tabitha and first Love
After Tabitha was rescued by Saito and others and returned to the Academy, Sylphid found Tabitha started to be a bit more feminine like paying attention to her hair.
Immediately Sylphid went to Saito's old tent that's now the gathering spot for familiars and asked them about it. Flame said that's normal for humans, seeing as Kirche spends an hour in front of the mirror every morning. Sylphid retorted don't put Tabitha on the same level as that woman with too much hormones. Verthandi said it's obvious that Tabitha's in love.
Sylphid thought that's very good, and Verthandi had to sigh and say how can a rhyme dragon famed for intelligence be so dense that she can't come to that conclusion by herself.
That night, Sylphid dragged Tabitha up into the air and grilled her about who she's in love with. Even after being licked countless times Tabitha refused to speak, and Sylphid gave up. Though from their conversation Sylphid was sure Tabitha is definitely in love.

The next day, Sylphid went spying on Tabitha from 3,000 metres in the air. A rhyme dragon's eyesight is that good that it can see things clearly from that height. She saw Tabitha teaching Saito how to read Halkeginian and by accident she touched his hand and blushed.
When Tabitha took Saito to her room Sylphid was all for the next step and had trouble breathing in anticipation. Then Louise and Siesta came in and interrupted them.

Day after that, Sylphid confronted Tabitha about the target of her love. Tabitha says he's just her savior and she will protect him from now on, not that she's in love with him.

Sylphid don't know what to think anymore, until that time they were taking the half-elf (Tiffania) to Tristain. In spite of saying it's to recharge Louise's willpower, when others weren't looking at Tabitha Sylphid saw her petite blue-haired master is blushing.

Sylphid went back to asking familiars for thoughts, and Flame told Sylphid to believe her master's words. Verthandi on the other hand said women say things different to how they really feel all the time (according to Guiche). Flame and Verthandi started to argue, until Robin (Montmorency's frog) cut in and said it's none of their business who their masters love, all they should do is make sure it turn out well.

Sylphid thought about ways to make Tabitha more appealing, and decided after seeing his Tifa is fitting in it's hairlength and chest size that's the key. Sylphid forced a blonde wig and fake chest made of cloth onto Tabitha, but she took them off immediately after realising the dragon's trying to make her look like Tifa.
Sylphid then went to ask Montmorency for advice, as she's one of the few that knows about her human form. Montmonrency said the wig had to look natural and saying Tabitha needed a larger chest must have made her annoyed deep down.

Then there's the inquisition scene with Tifa. Tabitha regretted not jumping in to help, and was a bit jealous that Tifa was someone that Saito would protect.
Sylphid went back to Montmorency for advice. The dragon was smart enough to not drag Kirche into this as things will just be blown over-the-top.

Second half of the chapter was the Undine Knight's peeking mission, from Tabitha's POV. She found despite she says she just want to help Saito she's actually attracted to him. She faked being afraid of ghosts to clench onto him further. Compared to ghosts, she's more afraid of losing control over her own heart.
By the time she woke up, she realised she fainted from embarrassment at the close contact when she's naked.
Tabitha sighed, and decided to make everything she has been through today as just a dream; Saito already have someone he loves, so she should just be content with being his ally. Tabitha also felt only if Sylphid was a male, so she can shift her feelings to someone else that can return it.

Vol3 Story 12 - Tabitha's Birth
This chapter depicts Charlotte's downward spiral. It showed Charles' demise, the ensuing politicking that drove Tabitha's mother mad, and Charlotte's first mission (hunt down the rest of the Chimera Dragons).
The chimeras was a failed experiment by nobles, and they've becoming a pest.

Right before she was about to be killed by one of the Chimeras a local hunter saved Charlotte. After Charlotte said she didn't want to live anymore, and asked the hunter to kill her, she merely replied what Charlotte has gone through is nothing special. Her own family was tore apart by the Chimeras, her father missing his lower body, mer mother lost all her internal organs and her younger sister only had one arm left behind. The hunter won't rest until the rest of their kind is slaughtered, and offered to teach Tabitha how to be a hunter.
after spending a week training together, the hunter and Charlotte finally came across the Chimera Dragon, the master of that forest.
The dragon was based on a fire dragon, but had dozens of heads. One of those head was her sister's.

The hunter told Charlotte to stay out of her way, since she wanted to be the one that ended the dragon's life for her revenge. She has a 'Freezing Arrow' that costed 20 gold coins, and will freeze the target after shooting it and let it shatter.
When the hunter actually confronted the dragon, her arrow froze one of the heads and shattered it. But the dragon battered her away, and a new head grew to replace the neck and head frozen off. Tabitha tried to heal her with her Dot level water spell, but didn't work.
The hunter died satisfied thinking the Chimera dragon is dead by her hands, and her revenge complete. Charlotte didn't have to heart to tell her she wasted her life and didn't manage to finish the job.

Charlotte then attempted to kill the Chimera dragon, after cremating the hunter's remains. In the centre was the hunter's sister's head, crying for release of the pain along with many other animals.
It appeared even after being absorbed they still had a bit of their life left in them. Charlotte ripped one of the necks off and shoved the largest ice spear she can make into the gap, tearing its internal organs apart.
In this battle, Charlotte increased her class from Dot to Line.

In front of the hunter's grave, Charlotte cut off her long hair and planted the scales of the dragon as a offering.

After returning, Charlotte received the title of Chevalier from Isabella and became her underling. As Charlotte now is no longer a member of royalty she needs a new name.
Seeing her mother treating the doll called Tabitha as her, she vowed to become the heartless, voiceless doll that is protecting her mother and gave the name 'Charlotte' to the doll; she herself took the name 'Tabitha'.[1]


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