Tabitha's Adventure, Volume 1 is the first volume of Tabitha's Adventure.

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Different colors in the sky the moon Halkeginia world of things. Tabitha is a girl who goes to Tristain Academy of Magic we had a secret. Position given to her from her native Gallic Knight (Chevalier). Among the mission done secretly, "Knights guard the north bed," It's a part of. For the purposes hidden in my heart, head for the mission along with Tabitha Sylphid is familiar ... like a dragon. One day, the duties given to Tabitha is in a certain village in Gaul, "indigenous peoples" was subdue. Tabitha, but went right away, a simple quarrel in the village, "indigenous peoples" in the dispute and not only that -.
Popular "The Familiar of Zero," Tabatha's extra edition of the draw he Yukikaze series of mysterious girl appeared at last!

Story 1 - Tabitha and the Pterosaur

Story 2 - Tabitha and the Vampire (35%)

Story 3 - Tabitha and the Assassin (~20%)

Story 4 - Tabitha and the Magic Doll


Winged People The ‘winged people’ lives in the forest between Gallia and Germania (called by both countries as the ‘Black Forest’, home to many magical beasts and not many people are willing to live in this wilderness). They are also capable users of the Firstborn/Spirit magic that the elves use, though they're against using magic for fighting unless they have no other choice (something about respecting the contract they made with the forest/spirits; which comes to think of it may be the reason why elves prefer to let their superior heavy artillery kick humans' ass rather than use H4XX0R magic).

In the spinoff Tabitha was sent to eliminate a tribe of the winged people, and came to stop the tribe from wiping out the humans from a local village that tried to raid their nest (four of them took down about a dozen humans). The winged people look just like humans except with wings (no pointy ears like elves), but they also have physical appearance more ‘fair/beautiful’ compared to humans.

Unlike the elves, the winged people don’t see marriage between them and humans as a abomination, albeit they don’t go out of their way to associate with humans.

Eventually the village and the winged people reached a agreement; the winged people’s territory is left alone, they show humans elsewhere for rare trees for lumber, while humans offer a portion of their crops. If necessary the winged people will also help transport heavy goods to a nearby town for the village.

Additional notes Vol1 Ch1: Sylphid is over 200 years old. However human equivalent years Sylphid is only 10 and a child.

‘Irukukuu’ in Rhyme-dragon language seems to be ‘light breeze’.

Rhyme dragons can supposedly breath fire, even when flying at high speeds (unspoken is the suggestion fire dragons can’t use fire breath when flying at high speed). Sylphid can’t do that yet however, just small sparks of flame if she really tries.

The Gallian capital city has 3 million residents, and is the largest city in Halkeginia.

Isabella, Joseph’s daughter, as a mage is vastly inferior compared to Tabitha’s skills. And this is one reason she treats Tabitha so badly.

Sylphid apparently when drunk is the type that sings uncontrollably.

--- Vol1 Ch2 (mainly about Vampires) -Vampires are indistinguishable from humans (ie, no red eyes, and fangs is retractable) but still have weakness to sunlight

-They can also use Firstborn/Spirit magic, and among the ones who can use it they are the 2nd most adept, right after elves. Among the monsters of Halkeginia, they are the most troublesome to defeat because of their ability to disguise as a human. Not even magic can tell if they're a vampire or human.

-They can choose one person they have sucked blood from to turn into ghouls, and the ghoul alone have enough combat power to destroy a small town.

-The vampire Tabitha has to fight is capable of even defeating a triangle class fire mage Gallian Knight. Capable of using 'Sleep', a dot-equivalent level Firstborn magic spell, wind element. As long as there's oxygen the target will fall asleep.

In the end, the Vampire turned out to be a blonde girl with the body of a five-year old, and been on the run for over 30 years. She saw nothing wrong with hunting humans, seeing it as the same with humans eating cattle and such animals. Tabitha agreed with her views that it's purely a relation between hunter and hunted and she's not at fault. But that didn't stop her from burning her alive and do ashes (transmute dirt to oil, and light it up); it's only her job, and as a human she kills the enemy of humans.

Other info from the chapter: -when Water Firstborn magic (like the Ring of Andvari) 'revives' a corpse it doesn't call back the soul. It just reanimates the body and turn it into a doll/puppet.

--- Vol1 Ch3 -A flashback to Tabitha's mother confronting Joseph at a state dinner and asked him why did he kill her husband. She also proposed the deal that by sacrificing herself Joseph won't eliminate Tabitha. She then ate the food in front of Tabitha, and moments later went mad.

-This chapter marks Tabitha's first meeting with 'Undercurrent' (just a code name). Isabella tried to use the assassin to kill off Tabitha. She/he/it is capable of casting Water spells that can control the human mind.

-Undercurrent is another 'Sentient Sword' like Derflinger, except this one is a dagger. It's capable of learning human spells of the wielder, adds their mana capability when to its own knowledge when it is with them and can control them forcibly. After it moves on to its next wielder it also tampers with the memory of the previous wielder to make him/her forget all the memory when possessed. The dagger told Tabitha everything after Tabitha threatened to bury it into the earth and leave it there for who knows how long. It turned out the dagger works for Isabella "Because it is bored". With a indefinite lifespan (Spirit swords don't 'die', at least not from old age) it finds ways to entertain itself. Isabella also tried to kill Tabitha this time because she was bored.

-In the end, Undercurrent accepted a alliance with Tabitha, and before Undercurrent left the Northern Parterre Knights it took control of Isabella and publicly humiliated her (sliced off all her clothing after 'volunteering' Isabella to perform on stage)

--- Vol1 Ch4 -Tabitha is sent to a Gallian magic academy, and retrieve a student that's been running away. -Nothing too exciting in this chapter, except there's a kind of doll that by absorbing the blood of a person it can become a body double and has all the skills of the person.[1]


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