Runic name Sylphid, Nickname Sylphy
Gender Female
Country Home Country: Gallia
Current Country: Tristain
Occupation Rhyme Dragon
Magical level Nature magic
Master Tabitha
Skills Nature Magic, Rhyme
Favorite food  ?
Voiced by Satomi Arai (Sylphid)/
Yuka Iguchi (Illococoo)

Sylphid (シルフィード Shirufīdo?, Pronunciation: /sɪlfɪd/), or Illococoo (イルククゥ Irukukũ?, Pronunciation: /ɪlkʊku/), is a female rhyme dragon and Tabitha's familiar. Her real name is Illococoo.

Appearance and Personality

She looks like a mother or an older sister of Tabitha when she is in human form, but she refers to Tabitha as her "older sister." Though she is sensible, she is sometimes childish. Sylphid doesn't live in the Academy like other familiars because she's too big (as a dragon), so she stays in a neighboring forest. She promised to her "older sister" that she would not tell anybody about her ability to use nature magic (which allows her to shift between forms), but Derflinger eventually found out about her secret. In human form she seems to be bottomless pit as far as food goes. Saito gets on both Tabitha's and Sylphid's good sides when he is kind enough to feed Sylphid some of his food one night.

Illococoo all-a

Illococoo in a hunger tantrum


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