Runic name Myozunitonirun (Mjöðvitnir)
Gender Female
Country Gallia
Occupation Void Famliliar, Lord Cromwell's secretary (temporarily to kill him)
Magical affinity Rune
Magical level Power of Myozunitonirun
Master King Joseph
Skills Use magic artifact and create any magical feat
Voiced by Masako Katsuki

Sheffield (シェフィールド Shefīrudo) is a Void Famliliar, serving King Joseph of Gallia. Her power is the Myozunitonirun (Mjöðvitnir ) "Mind of God" which allows her to use any magic artifact and can create almost any magical feat.

She was summoned from the same world as Joseph, originally from humans on the other side of the Sahara and is the daughter of a priest. According to her, the humans on the other side of the Sahara have technology beyond that of Halkeginia's, but that is just a pale imitation of elven technology (and nothing like the Earth technology Saito used).

She served Joseph out of a desire to be loved by him, but did not succeed. Eventually she killed both herself and Joseph after Joseph was defeated by Saito, using a Firestone to burn both of them into oblivion.

Sheffield is also the only person shown in the novels so far that can fuse Void magic and Firstborn magic, with the results being the Jormungandr golems and the Firestones. Firestones can be detonated using Void incantations, and are capable of destroying entire airship fleets in one blast.

During the reconquest of Albion, Sheffield was Lord Cromwell's secretary only to kill him and replace him after he was imprisoned in Tristain. After his death, Sheffield took the ring of the Water Spirit from Cromwell's body, this is the same ring Saito promised to retrieve for the Water Spirit.

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Sheffield Runes
Myozunitonirun (Miodaitnir)
"Mind of God"

Sheffield rune on her forehead.
After Joseph kissed her?

Myozunitonirun (Miodaitnir)
"Mind of God