S.jpg Scarron
Title Owner of the Charming Fairies
Gender Male
Country Tristain
Occupation Owner of the Charming Fairies
Wife deceased
Child(ren) Jessica

Scarron is the owner of the inn Charming Fairies, where Saito and Louise take refuge while in one of the missions assigned by the Queen.


Scarron's daughter, Jessica

Despite his muscularity, Scarron acts flamboyantly gay, and prefers his employees and anyone else to call him mi mademoiselle (my lady). Although he acts that way, Scarron has a daughter and a niece, Jessica and Siesta, which no one believes because of his character. No one, including Siesta believes (or wants to believe) that Scarron is Jessica's father, or is actually a father.


Scarron's inn, the Charming Fairies

Because Louise lost all the money the Queen gave her spy trip, Louise and Saito had to work in the inn Charming Fairies for room and board. When Louise started working there the first time, it is also the same day Scarron's annual tip race week starts. The waitress that make the most tips for that week will get a bonus and get to wear his family heirloom, an enchanted dress, for a day. It is magically enchanted and allows the wearer to capture a person's fascination to earn tips. The last waitress that wore it made enough money to go back home. Now Louise wants to win the dress get back the money she lost.

Scarron seems to like Louise for her cuteness a lot, and holds her back when she wants to join Saito in fighting in the Albion War. However, along with Jessica, Scarron also supports Siesta in getting Saito, to the point where he and Jessica give her a (rather contagious) temporary love potion, which of course, only causes more trouble when Montmorency accidentally discovers and inhales the love potion.