Old Osmond
Old Osmond
Title Headmaster of the Tristain magic school
Gender Male
Age 60-100
Country Tristain
Occupation Running the school
Magical affinity Air
Magical level Square
Master None
Familiar Mouse Chuchu
Hobbies Finding out what color panties Longueville has on.
Dislikes Forced commands from the royal palace
Voiced by Takeshi Aono

He is an elderly, white haired headmaster of the Tristain Academy of Magic, who enjoys smoking a pipe which is often taken away by his assistant Longueville. His familiar is a mouse named Chuchu, and he uses his familiar to do lecherous things to his assistant such as finding out the color of the panties she has worn. He is a very powerful and wise Square Mage.


Headmaster Osmond ordered Louise, Kirche, and Tabitha to retrieve the "Staff of Destruction" after it was stolen by a thief named "Fouquet of the Crumbling Earth" to regain the pride and honor of the academy, and also ordered his assistant Longueville to guide them through the journey. It is then that they found out that Longueville is the thief that they are looking for and Longueville just agreed to accompany them in their quest for her to see if there is anyone who knew how to use it.

After arresting Fouquet, they found out from Headmaster Osmond the history of the "Staff of Destruction." 30 years ago he was saved by an American soldier from the Vietnam War. The soldier used a hand held rocket launcher to kill a dragon he was fighting at the time. After defeating it, the man died, and Osmond buried him along with the "staff" that the soldier used against the dragon and he took the second one and showed it to the Palace. It is then that the "staff", which is the rocket launcher was named "Staff of Destruction".

In the OVA, Osmond is seen conspiring with the boys into tricking the girls that the swimsuits from Saito's world are actually special garments which should be considered an honor in what is eventually discovered as a fake ritual for the spirit of the water.

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Also Known As

  • Old Osmond
  • Old Osmand
  • Osmon
  • Osman
  • Principal Osmon