Montmorency Margarita La Fère de Montmorency
Runic name The Fragrance
Height 166 cm (5 ft 5.5 in)
Measurements 80-58-79 cm (31.5-22.8-31.1 in)
Magical affinity Water
Skills Swimming (except getting hair wet), potion-making
Favorite food Strawberry frog cake
Dislikes Being two timed by Guiche
Voiced by Mikako Takahashi (Japanese)

Montmorency Margarita La Fère de Montmorency (Japanese: モンモランシー Monmoranshī, Pronunciation: /mɑnmərɑnsi mɑrgərɪtə la fɛr də mɑnmərɑnsi/ or /mɑ̃mərɑ̃si mɑrgarɪta la fɛr də mɑ̃mərɑ̃si/) is a classmate of Louise.


Her hair is blonde and styled into long, Victorian ringlets, with a red hair bow in back, and has freckles on her face.


Montmorency is very mature. She is know to be very nice to her classmates, except for Guiche when he two times her.


She dates Guiche, but she always seems to catch him cheating on her. She makes a prohibited love potion to make Guiche love only her, but Louise takes it by mistake. Saito blackmails her into breaking the spell. She has to


contact the Water Spirit to get a piece of it's body to reverse the potion's affect.


When Montmorency wanted to see the water spirit, she pulled out her familiar Robin down by the shore of the lake. She pricked her finger and gave her familiar a drop of her blood on its head as proof that is was truly her. Robin jumps into the lake so to make contact with the water spirit and show the spirit Montmorency's blood. Saito has to promise the Water Spirit that they would retrieve the treasure.

jealous wrath

Montmorency has had one other encounter with a love potion. She accidentally got a sniff of Siesta's love potion, and it got her infatuated with everyone she saw. She kissed several girls that day, but luckily, Tiffania erased her memory, so she never has to know.

Montmorency gets extremely jealous when Guiche cheats on her. When Guiche cheats, Montremoncy sometimes get anime veins, scary faces, or a fiery background. Although she cares for Guiche, she has grown to trust him less and less, yet she stays with him anyway. She has only been unfaithful to Guiche once. When she first meets Julio, she becomes infatuated with him.