Gender Male
Age 40[1]
Country Tristain
Occupation Mercenary
Magical affinity Fire
Magical level Square

Menvil was one of the vice-captain's who served under Colbert during the attack on Agnes' village of D'Angleterre twenty years ago. At the time, Menvil was twenty years old, while Colbert was slightly over twenty.[1]

After his loss of vision he struggled with life. He depended on his senses and intuition to 'see'. Menvil became so skilled with this and a user of flame magic that he could sense people simply from the temperature they emitted, like a snake. This earned him the title "The White Flame". He was proud of his skills and wanted to avenge his commander, who blinded him. Hence, he became a mercenary.

In the anime he was sent by Sheffield to take hostages at the school to stop the attack on their forces in Albion from the Tristain army.

When confronted by Colbert, he recognized Colbert to be the commander of the forces that burnt the village of D'Angleterre to molten slag. Menvil returns to seek revenge on Colbert. He 'kills' Colbert while trying to kill Agnes, as Colbert was protecting her. He is killed by Agnes as revenge for destroying her village of D'Angleterre.


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