Title Head chef
Gender Male
Age About 45-50
Height 172 cm (5 ft 8 in)
Country Tristain
Occupation Head Chef at the Tristain Academy
Skills Can make any food taste good
Hobbies Cooking
Favorite food Everything
Dislikes The Nobility

Marteau is the head chef of the Tristain Academy of Magic. He takes a liking to Saito early on because of the latter's feelings toward the nobility. After Saito's fight against Guiche he begins to refer to him as 'Our Sword' as Saito had fought in order to defend Siesta. Later on he allows Saito to keep a large pot he intended to throw away as a tub. Despite his fondness for the boy Marteau initially develops a sense of betrayal after Saito is made a Chavalier by Henrietta, an act that angers him as he believes that he has betrayed the commoners. After a brief argument however the two are reconciled and celebrate with a lunch.