Kirche and Flame 1

Kirche and her familiar, Flame.

Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt-Zerbst
Kirche the Ardent
Title Heiress of the Grand Duchy of Anhalt-Zerbst
Runic name Kirche the Ardent
Gender Female
Age 18 (Birthday: December 7th)
Height 171 cm (5 ft 7.5 in)
Measurements 94-63-95 cm (37.0-24.8-37.4 in)
Country Grand Duchy of Anhalt-Zerbst, Empire of Germania (by birth)

Kingdom of Tristain (by adoption)

Occupation Student at the Tristain Academy of Magic

On and off agent for Queen Henrietta of Tristain

Father Grand Duke of Anhalt-Zerbst
Mother Grand Duchess of Anhalt-Zerbst
Sibling(s) Several
Magical affinity Fire
Magical level Triangle
Familiar Flame, a fire slamander
Skills Playing the harp
Hobbies Jigsaw puzzles, flirting, hanging out with Tabitha
Favorite food Steamed birds of paradise
Dislikes Not getting the man she wants, an upset Tabitha
Voiced by Nanako Inoue (Japanese)
Lauren Landa (English)
Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt-Zerbst (Japanese: キュルケ Kyuruke, Pronunciation: /kɪrke aʊgʊstə frɛdɛrika fɔn anhalt tsɛrbst/ or /kɪrxɛ aʊgʊsta frɛdɛrika fɔn anhalt tsɛrbst/) is a fire mage, and Louise's chief rival at the Academy.


Kirche, like Louise, is one of the more complex characters in the series. At the outset of the series, Kirche comes off as ditzy, overly carefree, and even a little cruel as she was the one to give Louise the infamous title of 'Zero' as well as instigate the two years of jeering that followed. On the other hand, she is also a brilliant analyst, generous, and very protective of those close to her. Of her friends though she is closest to Tabitha and becomes one of the few people to know about her history, something that she takes pride in as it proves how deep their friendship is.

Kirche also has a talent for persuasion as she does not hesitate to use her body to gather information or get what she wants.

It was initially implied in the anime that she had a habit of choosing (and sleeping with) her boyfriends with a fixed schedule though she later revealed that she would get them to fight each other and leave before anything could happen.


Kirche is the daughter of a Germanian military family, but her carefree attitude became a nuisance to them and was forced to marry an "old geezer" (bin her own words) as a way to restrain her. The plan failed though, and she was consequently transferred to the Academy where she met and befriended Tabitha after an incident where several students attempted to trick them into fighting each other.



Kirche tries to pickup Saito Ep3

At the beginning of the series, Kirche was Louise's chief rival and tormentor at the Academy. This was mostly due to their family's rivalry though their own natural differences played a role as well. Ironically, it was Kirche's taunts that gave Louise the determination to summon a proper familiar.



Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst's name comes from Sophia Augusta Fredericka von Anhalt-Zerbst, also know as Catherine the Great (1729 – 1796), Empress of Russia.

Early on Kirche also gave herself a number of titles; these included:

  • the Ardent
  • the Passionate
  • the Fervent