Jean Colbert
Title Professor
Runic name Enjya the Flame Snake (Flame Serpent)
Gender Male
Age 40-45
Country Tristain
Occupation Professor
Magical affinity Fire
Magical level Square
Skills Chemisty
Hobbies Reading, history, chemistry, inventing
Dislikes Violence and bloodshed
Voiced by Takuma Suzuki (Japanese)
Kaiji Tang (English)

Jan "Jean" Colbert (コルベール Korubēru, Pronunciation: /ʒɑn "ʒin" kolbɛr/) is a professor at the Tristain Academy of Magic who is interested in history. His interest in technologies from Saito's world helped him create gasoline to fuel the airplane. It is revealed that he was the captain of mage troops sent to burn Agnès' village years ago, and also the person who rescued her, when he found out the village wasn't plagued. He has an anti-war attitude, and is envious when he learns that Saito's world is not ravaged by war. He reveals himself as Flame Snake in episode 9 of the second season (Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi), and appears to be fatally wounded when protecting Agnes. He actually faked his death, with Tabitha's help. Colbert reappears in the third season, when he saves Saito and Louise from Sheffield and her minions. In the novels, according to Kirche his given name is Jean.

In the novels, Tabitha didn't cast a spell on Colbert. Instead, Kirche tricks Agnes into thinking that he is dead. Louise and Saito were not present during the Academy invasion in the light novel.

Colbert is rated as a Square-class fire mage, as shown in Volume 13, Chapter 4.


Also Known As

  • Flame Snake (Serpent)
  • Jean


He is named after Jean-Baptiste Colbert , the finance minister of Louis the XIV from 1665 to 1683.


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