Guiche de Gramont
Runic name The Bronze
Height 175 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Magical affinity Earth
Magical level Dot → Line
Familiar Verðandi the Earth mole
Skills Chasing girls
Hobbies Fashion (the worst sense)
Favorite food Soufflé
Dislikes Being caught two timing.

Guiche de Gramont (ギーシュ Gīshu, Pronunciation: /giʃ də grəmɑn/ or /giʃ də grɑmɔ̃/) is the fourth son of Marshal Gramont, whose fief is in the western end of Tristain.[1] Guiche comes from a prominent military family and, despite his earlier cowardice, he develops into a proper commander.

Summary and Personality

He cowers in fear after Saito defeats him in a duel, or Fouquet with her Earth Golem. However, he does get lucky at some times, like when he unintentionally knocked Cromwell out with a stick while Tabitha and Kirche were under the power of the Ring of Andvari, in Futatsuki no Kishi, when he served in the army with a boy named Nicolas as his sergeant, and in Princess no Rondo, when he improves greatly, becoming a Commanding Officer (with Saito as his deputy) of the Ondine Knights of the Water Spirits Corps. He also later becomes good friends with Saito, as shown when he tried to cover up for him and try to cheer him up. In Zero No Tsukaima F episode 6, Saito, when he wants to invite everyone to the mansion, he says,"Guiche and the others," suggesting that they have become good friends.


Guiche's gollem

He loves Montmorency, but the latter only learns of Guiche's habitual two-timing when Saito exposes this to the public and Guiche learns his lesson. However, he still loves Montmorency very much and is willing to protect her, but still has the habit of wooing and acting cool in front of girls he has a crush on, including the princess.


Guiche's name comes from Armand de Gramont, Comte de Guiche (1637 – 1673), who was known for being vain, overbearing, and somewhat contemptuous.

Also known as

  • Brass (novel)
  • Bronze (anime)



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