Skills Create Firestone
Dislikes Humans at the beginning

Bidashal is an Elf, just like Tiffania. He appears to be affiliated with King Joseph de Gallia, though he doesn't take orders from him. He possesses very strong Elf Magic, such as being able to repel a strong attack from Tabitha without moving an inch. He made three Firestones for King Joseph. They are like small A-Bombs. King Joseph wants to use them on Romalia. He is Luctiana uncle. He is also part of the Elvin community in the private oasis in the middle Elvish desert territory. He is into research. He lets Luctiana kidnap and keep Tiffania and Saito there for research of humans. He later helps Saito and Tiffania escape.

In season 4 he saves Henrietta and her fleet from the Ancient Dragon fireball.

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Also Known As

  • Bidashal of Nephthys
  • Bidashal of Sahara
  • Lord Bidashal
  • Vidashal