Princess Beatrice de Guldenhorf
Title Princess de Guldenhorf
Gender Female
Country Grand Duchy of Guldenhorf
Occupation Student
Father Grand Duke de Guldenhorf

Beatrice Yvonne von Guldenhorf made her first appearance in the fourth episode (however she is first seen in episode 2) of Princess no Rondo.

She is a daughter of the Grand Duke de Guldenhorf, thus a princess of the Grand Duchy of Guldenhorf. A typical noble and a rather snobby individual, she uses her position of power as Grand Duchess to bully other students. Beatrice is followed around by three other girls (clique group) who help her bully people and are generally agreeing with her due to her title.

She bullied Tiffania for wearing a hat in her presence, being more popular than her, and having ample, buxom breasts. Upon learning Tiffania was half-elf, she tried to have her boiled in water, under the guise of punishing a heretic, since elves have a different religion than humans. It was later revealed she had no such authority to do this and was stopped by Louise before Tiffania was put in the boiling water. Tiffania then asked if they could be friends, and ever since, Beatrice and her followers have worshiped the ground Tiffania walks on.