Gender Male
Species Elf
Country Nephthys

Ari  (Pronunciation: /ɑri/) is an elf and Luctiana's fiancé. He and Luctiana went to the De Ornielle mansion to capture Tiffania and ended up kidnapping Saito as well. Ari reluctantly goes with the humans after escaping the Elves' territory with Saito and Tiffania. As they went to Tabitha's coronation in Gallia, Arie quickly learns that humans aren't much different from elves. Ari and Guiche get along later after seeing that his relationship with Montmorency is similar to his own relationship with Luctiana.


As an elf, Ari has pointed ears. He has light skin and turquoise eyes. His hair is short and light blonde, he has two long strands of hair tied up and in front of his shoulders.


Ari is very prejudiced against humans, calling them "savages," as most elves do. He believes that they are no different than common animals, remarking when he first ran into humans and saw them fighting that they were likely fighting over food. He later begins to believe that humans aren't that different from elves, as he first realizes when he sees Guiche get yelled at by Montmorency, who had accused him of cheating on her. He tells Guiche that Guiche, like himself, clearly has a hard time with woman, noting that humans and elves at least have this in common. He and Guiche later begin to bond over their troubles with woman, mainly their girlfriends.

Ari is seen to be very protective of his fiancée Luctiana, as he shows when he yells at Guiche and demands him to go look for her to make sure that she is safe. While he loves Luctiana, he disagrees with her much of the time, only giving into her demands and letting her do what she wants when she threatens not to marry him. He especially is displeased with her obvious fascination with humans, wanting to have nothing to do with these "savages."

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