Series Name
Season 3, Episode 9
Air date July 6, 2008
Written by Noboru Yamaguchi
Directed by Yū Kō
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Princess no Rondo - 3.10 Border Mountain Pass
"The Elf of the Forest" is the second episode of the third season of The Familiar of Zero.

The episode begins with the Ondine Knights searching for something when a nude girl drops from the sky onto Malicorne in the same fashion as when Louise lands on Saito in the opening. Louise kicks Saito in the groin, sending him to the ground, then asks the girl why she is naked. She introduces herself as Irukukwu. She keeps talking about saving her older sister until Guiche asks her about the sister, who turns out to be Tabitha. Irukukwu describes how Tabitha was taken as a traitor and stripped of her chevalier title and how Tabitha's mother was also arrested. She continues saying that Tabitha went to save her mother, but was captured in the process. When Irukuwku asks for help, Malicorne and Saito volunteer promptly, but the others doubt her status as Tabitha's younger sister (Tabitha is pretty flat-chested and Irukuwku has large breasts). Irukukwu thinks about obtaining proof and rushes out the door. The Ondine Knights rush out as well, only to find that Irukukwu has vanished. Not long after, Sylphid appears and testifys for Irukukwu. Saito, Guiche, Malicorn, and Louise go to Henrietta to ask for permission to go and rescue Tabitha, which she denies on the grounds that as her personal knights, if Tabitha is rescued by the Ondine Knights, as she is still considered a criminal, the rescue could be perceived as an act of aggression on Tristain's part. In response, Saito, Guiche, and Malicorn resign as knights in order not to trouble Tristan, and Henrietta responds by having them arrested. Louise asks Henrietta what she thinks of Saito as a man not a chevalier, and Henrietta admits that she is not sure if she has fallen for Saito or simply needs someone to lean on. Louise gives up her position as a noble, declaring that she wants to help Tabitha, to repay her for all the times Tabitha has saved her. Henrietta has no choice but to have her arrested as well. After trying, unsuccessfully, to dig their way out of the prison with spoons, the four get rescued by Kirche and Colbert. Irukukwu reveals that she is really Slyphid, which is a rhyme dragon and capable of transforming into human form.

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