Season 2
2007-Futatsuki no Kishi
Knight of the Two Moons

# English Title Romaji Title Kanji Title Original Air Date
1 Her Majesty, the Queen's Zero Joō-heika no Zero 女王陛下のゼロ July 9, 2007

Full-2.1 Her Majesty, the Queen's Zero

Saito has a dream he went back to Japan in the plane, but fall out of the bed. A Coronation Ceremony for Henrietta in town. Louise gives Saito a pair of tattletale glasses that tells Louise when he is looking at other girls and they wouldn’t come off. He windup get zapped by Louise just about every time he turns around. When he looks at Her Majesty coming down the street the glasses goes off and Louise zaps him. The Musketeer Corp. thinks he is an assassin and they put him in dungeon. Louise tries to get Saito out but is confronted with Agnès gun in her face. This where you find out guns are faster than magic. Henrietta has a meeting with Old Osmond and he gives her a very old small book. Henrietta goes down and meets with Saito and tells him Louise and him are the only true friends she has. Later Henrietta gives the book to Louise. It is the Founder’s Prayer Book, but the pages are all blank. They are taken back to the Magic Academy by Agnès. Agnès “From now on, any orders from Her Majesty will be delivered to you by the Firearms Troop. Both of you will go by the names of Zero and you, Hiraga Saito.” Later Agnès come roaring back to tell them the Princess has been kidnapped.

2 The Vow of Wind and Water Kaze to Mizu no Chikai 女王陛下のゼロ' July 16, 2007

Full-2.2 The Vow of Wind and Water

Three years flashback jumps show Henrietta and Wales making a love vow at Lagdorian Lake to the Water Spirit. Wales was killed in the church by Wardes. She was standing in her room and the ring she had on started to glow. It only glows when the other ring is near. She Wales is outside. She don’t know it but he been raze from the dead by Oliver Cromwell using the The Ring of Anderville and Cromwell had Wales under his control to get Henrietta back to Albion. Saito, Louise, Kirche, Tabitha, and Agnès follow them to Lagdorian Lake where Wales was trying to get to the air sailing ship to get to Albion. They do battle at the lake. Wales and Henrietta join spells to take out Louise and Saito. He get hit by a dual triangle spell from Wales and Henrietta until Louise fire off a spell of Dispel which cancel all magic in the area. This stops the attack, but also remove raze the dead spell on Wales. He dies in Henrietta arms. (Note: In 1-EP11-Louise's Marriage Wales gave the ring to Louise just as he was dying. So I don’t know how resurrected Wales got the ring for 2-EP2-The Vow of Wind and Water. In the novel Saito removed the ring from Wales’s dead hand. He gives the ring to Henrietta and tells her Wales gave him the just as he was dying.)

3 The Paladin's Sword Seishokusha no Ken 聖職者の剣 July 23, 2007

Full-2.3 The Paladin's Sword

All the males student from the Magic Academy are going to enlist in the army. Julio show up to go to the school. Colbert is teaching a class when Agnès shows up call out all the students to go outside and start training if the war comes to them. Agnès shows magic is no good if you don’t have time to setup. Saito sitting on the side line is challenged by Michelle with wooded swords. He gets trashed because the wooden sword is not a weapon for battle. Julio comes on to Louise and Saito gets mad and Julio and Saito are going to spar with wooden swords the next day. He asks Agnès to show him how to be a swordsman. He wins but Julio let him to get idea how good he is. Louise, Saito, Agnès, and Julio meet with Henrietta. She tells them they are her only trusted internal team. Sheffield is having a rally with her army in Albion and she has the Ring of Anderville to control the crowd The same ring that Cromwell had and she used it to kill him.

4 The Three Vallière Sisters Variēru no Sanshimai ヴァリエールの三姉妹 July 30, 2007

Full-2.4 The Three Vallière Sisters

Eléonore drags Louise, Saito, and Siesta back to the Vallière house, where Louise is announced to be engaged to a Baron. Saito goes to talk to her at night but instead finds her sister in another room who beats him. Meanwhile, Louise looks for Saito, goes into his room, and finds Siesta mistaking her for Saito. The next day, Louise gets upset and fleds to her boat she use to hide in as child. Saito confesses his true feelings to Louise then makes out with her. The Duke and Duchess find them in the boat. He has to fights his way out of the Vallière residence with a little help from Cattleya, and heads back to school with Louise. She doesn't believe him about what happened and beats him again while Siesta tells herself she is the only one for Saito.

5 The Spy's Seal Kanchō no Kokuin 間諜の刻印 August 6, 2007

Full-2.5 The Spy's Seal

Agnès has the female students practicing for combat because magic can’t be use all the time. Louise's sisters move in at the request of the Queen and make Saito do all the work. Siesta makes a pass at Saito when he's unpacking Louise sisters luggage’s when Louise shows up. Just when Louise is about to strike him with a newer whip an explosion occurs. A thief has stolen something from the principal's office and the principal pinpoints the woman by throwing a magic seal at her and hits her on her chest. Agnès has Saito to tries to check Louise sisters secretly but Louise finds him and tries to zap him again. Then a commotion in her eldest sister`s room gets their attention. The thief tries to put the blame on someone else. The thief is found out by Agnès with help of Elèonore. When everything is done and over with because Saito didn't tell Louise what he was ordered to do along with other things that were justifiable she beats him with her new whip out of spite.

6 The Queen's Vacation Joō no Kyūjitsu 女王の休日 August 13, 2007

Full-2.6 The Queen's Vacation

Saito and Louise are ordered to be at Scarron's Inn to receive further instructions. They take their previous positions and costumes back, and are surprised by Julio's appearance. Saito runs into Henrietta who asks him to protect her as she poses as a commoner in order to lure out an enemy. Saito and Henrietta evade detection from the soldiers searching for the Queen by behaving like sweethearts, while Louise learns of the details of the Queen's mission from Agnes. In a theater in town, while Scarron and his girls are in the middle of performing a play, Henrietta confronts her enemy. As the Queen's army and the enemy's army are fighting, the main villain of that episode escapes through a secret passageway claiming that the theater was owned by him. At the end of the passageway, he encounters Agnes. She was very angry at him for the incident that had happened to her town. She had killed him by stabbing him with her sword.

7 The Underground Secret Document Chitei no Himitsu Bunsho 地底の秘密文書 August 20, 2007

Full-2.7 The Underground Secret Document

Henrietta is convinced to sign a declaration of war against Albion. News of a victorious battle for the Tristain and Germania allied forces reaches a town that Louise and Saito are currently in. Saito discovers a sailor uniform on sale at a clothes merchants shop, and buys it, opting to give it to Siesta rather than to Louise. Upon returning to the academy, the two join Agnes and Julio exploring a secret archive hidden beneath the school, to which Agnes was denied permission. Agnes wishes to obtain the information there regarding her hometown of D'Angleterre's burning to help carry out her revenge against those involved. Éléonore is picked to open the lock to the entrance. As the group heads farther down, they are joined by Siesta, wearing the sailor uniform Saito gave her earlier. After discovering that Saito gave the sailor uniform to Siesta because Louise lacked the chest size to make it look good, Louise blows a part of the cave in the way they came. With little to do but move further, the group finds the archives and are sent to look for the records regarding D'Angleterre's burning 20 years ago. When Siesta trips and makes a mess of the books, Eléonore returns them to their proper place with magic, which triggers the archives' security system and begins to bring the bookshelves to a close. Agnes finally finds the information regarding D'Angleterre's burning, but a part of the page that lists the person who led the attack is missing. The group narrowly escapes the collapsing of the bridge that led them to the archives. Upon realizing that Louise had blocked their way out, Julio grants Saito permission to have intimate moments with Siesta. Siesta is happy to oblige and Saito also thinks it a good idea; however, Louise watches and prepares to blow something else up. When Saito points out that the cave which she blew up earlier is in the opposite direction, Louise tells him to shut up and blows them up.

8 The Magic Institute's Crisis Mahō Gakuin no Kiki 魔法学院の危機 August 27, 2007

Full-2.8 The Magic Institute's Crisis

Sheffield had sent one of her hired mercenaries to make a surprise attack on the Magic Academy to take all of the members of royal families hostage. Saito and his friends plan on how they will rescue the hostages as it will take too long for the reinforcements to come from the palace. Agnes eventually comes in to try and stop Sheffield's mercenaries.

9 The Atonement of Flames Honō no Shokuzai 炎の贖罪 September 3, 2007

Full-2.9 The Atonement of Flames

Colbert and Saito devise a plan to enter into the building to save the hostages. Benubiro explains to Anies how his captain Snake of the Flame ruthlessly burnt the women and children to ashes. The team use their combined magic to enter the building. During the attack, Benubiro recognises Colbert-sensei who is in fact his captain Enja, Serpent of the Flame. The two begin a heated battle. Agnes becomes furious and charges towards Colbert-sensei. Benubiro fires a lethal fireball towards Agnes to stop her from interrupting them, and Colbert-sensei pushes her away from the blast and is struck in the crossfire. Agnes takes revenge for her town upon Benubiro and defeats him. Colbert-sensei in his last moments explains what had occurred on that fateful day. He had been given orders to destroy D'Angleterre as it had been reported to be struck with a deadly plague. After discovering there was no plague, he discovers a girl (Agnes) the only survivor and he carries her to safety. Agnes is still infuriated and she holds up her sword to strike a final blow to Colbert-sensei, but he dies before she can do so. Louise and Saito are saddened by the death of their teacher, whereas Agnes is still undecided about ever forgiving him.

10 The Enemy on Snowy Alps Setsurei no Teki 雪嶺の敵 September 10, 2007

Full-2.10 The Enemy on Snowy Alps

Louise and Saito are assigned a special mission by Princess Henrietta to attack the enemies` line of defense, the City of South Gotha. The plan is to attack the town using Louise's Void Magic to disable the enemy from engaging in battle and to prevent the death of innocent people during the crossfire. Louise accepts the mission, but Saito is reluctant to join the war because of what he had been told by the late Colbert. During the attack, Louise is unable to perform her Void Magic, and the plane lands, causing the mission to be a failure, forcing the princess to send her Army head on into battle. Governor Sheffield learns of a flying dragon made of steel (the crash-landed fighter plane) and arranges to have it recovered. They find an enemy air fighter named Henry Stalford who is badly injured and unable to fight, and Saito carries him to safety. As the Albion troops arrive to recover the plane and kill the enemy, the two are rescued by Julio just in time.

11 The Silver Pentecost Shirogane no Kōrinsai 銀の降臨祭 September 17, 2007

Full-2.11 The Silver Pentecost

Henrietta's forces enter South Gotha and claim it. Scarron's traveling tavern sets up shop, and Saito and Louise are reunited with Siesta, Jessica, and Guiche. Guiche shows off a medal and relates a story of coming back from the dead, which no one believes. Using the Ring of Andavari, Sheffield causes some of Henrietta's troops to attack the city from within.

12 The Farewell Wedding Ceremony Sayonara no Kekkonshiki さよならの結婚式 September 24, 2007

Full-2.12 The Farewell Wedding Ceremony

Louise is secretly approached by one of Henrietta's advisors and is asked to hold the enemy off while the Queen escapes. Knowing that it is a suicide mission, Louise plans to send Saito to safety, but not before marrying him. Catching wind of her plan, Saito uses a sleeping potion on Louise after they wed and asks Julio to take care of her and sets out to meet Albion's advancing troops. Louise faints before she can tell him she has always and still loves him. Despite his valiant efforts, Saito falls on the battlefield. Back at the academy, Louise collapses in grief at Saito's death, however, suddenly the magical flower that is connected to Saito unexpectedly comes back to life. Louise runs out and meets Saito who is very much alive: When Saito fell, the Fairy, who resembles an Elf, saved him, revived him and nursing him back health. While explaining, Saito mentions the fairy's large breasts which then Louise uses as an excuse to fly into a jealous rage, forgets about being sad about him, and starts trying to explode Saito yet again.