Season 1

# English Title Romaji Title Kanji Title Original Air Date
1 Louise the Zero Zero no Ruizu ゼロのルイズ July 3, 2006

Full-1.1 Louise the Zero

Despite being from a famous magic family, Louise has never been able to successfully cast a single spell. On the day of her familiar summoning exam, she bungles the summoning and accidentally summons a human from Earth. The poor victim of her mistake is Saito Hiraga, a typical high school boy with no idea whats going on.

2 The Peasant Familiar Heimin no Tsukaima 平民の使い魔 July 10, 2006

Full-1.2 The Peasant Familiar

Saito being sucked from Japan and into another world. When the summoning was complete he had a set of runes on the back of his hand. When he had to do battle with two-timing Guiche Valkyrie the rune glows and it let him use any weapon. He beats the Valkyrie and Guiche.

3 The Subtle Heat's Allure Binetsu no Yūwaku 微熱の誘惑 July 17, 2006

Full-1.3 The Subtle Heat's Allure

After being sleep for three days in bed he find out Louise has been taking care of him. But she will not admit it. Saito finds out he is the champion of the servant. He manages to put his foot in his mouth not once but twice and doesn't get to eat for one or two days. Kirche makes a play for Saito in her room because he won the battle. Louise catches him and drags him back to her room and beats him.

4 The Maid's Crisis Meido no Kiki メイドの危機 July 24, 2006

Full-1.4 The Maid's Crisis

Siesta is requested by a noble to work for him. This is also not a outwordly request for her to be his mistress. Saito goes to save her.

5 The Princess of Tristain Torisutein no Himegimi トリステインの姫君 July 31, 2006


Louise what Saito to do a tricks for the annual showoff show of the familiars the magic user summon. Later Saito and Louise is confronted with a robbery and he try to stop it.

6 The Thief's True Identity Tōzoku no Shōtai 盗賊の正体 August 7, 2006

Full-1.6 The Thief's True Identity

After the attack on the tower and the staff of destruction stolen Old Osmond has a meeting to catch the thief. Louise, Kirche, Tabitha, Longueville, and Saito windup going it alone. They are going to find the staff of destruction and the thief Fouquet. They go outside of town to a little house. They find the staff of destruction (M72 LAW's) and find out Longueville is Fouquet. The staff of destruction is a rocket launcher from his world and Saito does battle with Fouquet golem.

7 Louise's Part-Time Job Ruizu no Arubaito ルイズのアルバイト August 14, 2006

Full-1.7 Louise's Part-Time Job

Louise is asked by Princess Henrietta to go on a mission to go undercover to find out what the people think about her and to see if the nobles are abusing their power. Louise loses the money she got from Princess Henrietta and Louise and Saito have to work in a Tavern. They find out the tax collector was using his power to get anything he wanted. She calls him on the carpet on it but also blows her cover.

8 Tabitha's Secret Tabasa no Himitsu タバサの秘密 August 21, 2006

Full-1.8 Tabitha's Secret

Louise and Saito go back to the castle. They find Tabitha and Kirche are leaving to go to Tabitha's home. Saito finds a large cooking pot and makes a bath tub out of it. While taking a bath at night, Siesta finds him and joins him in the bath. Louise sees them and heads back to her room. Montmorency makes a love potion to make Guiche really love her, but Louise drinks it instead. We find out Tabitha is a high up noble. The butler tells Kirche about the power play in her country. The king and the brother next in line to be king have been murdered and the other brother is trying to get rid of her. She is sent out on dangerous missions and Kirche is going with her on the next one.

9 Louise's Change of Heart Ruizu no Henshin ルイズの変心 August 28, 2006

Full-1.9 Louise's Change of Heart

Louise drinks Montmorency aphrodisiac (love) potion though she didn’t know it. She is all over Saito. Siesta sees Louise all over Saito but doesn’t know it is because of the aphrodisiac potion. Louise thinks he is after all the girls. Saito jump all over Montmorency to fix Louise. Guiche finds out the aphrodisiac potion was suppose to be for him. They have to go to Lagdorian Lake to get an ingredient for a potion to remove the love potion on Louise. They go to the lake only to find the lake is now covering the town and land in the area. Montmorency needs to talk to the Water Spirit to find out whats wrong. They find out a ring was stolen from the Water Spirit. The Water Spirit is raising the water to reclaim the ring. They also find Tabitha and Kirche at the lake and Tabitha's mission was to get rid of the Water Spirit because she is raising the lake waters. Saito promise the Water Spirit he will get the ring back and asks water spirit to return the lake to a normal level. You see Longueville and Oliver Cromwell lurking in the shadows.

10 The Princess' Request Himegimi no Irai 姫君の依頼 September 4, 2006

Full-1.10 The Princess' Request

Princess Henrietta has shown up in Louise room. She is there to ask Louise if she can do another mission. She ”Louise I’m going to marry into another family to fortify my country and I need to have you to get a letter I’ve sent to the one I really love.” Guiche listen in from the door way and windup going too. Siesta comes by Saito washing clothe to say she sorry to Saito because she found out about the love potion. Colbert explane void magic to Saito. Saito smells something familiar in Colbert lab. Colbert “dragon blood and it came from dragons that appeared years ago.” Wardes of the Griffin squad joins them on the mission on the request of Princess Henrietta to protect Louise. You also find out he is the fiancé of Louise. They stay in the town of La Rochelle. Wardes asks Saito to a sword practice match in to morning. They dual and Wardes is feeling Saito out. Saito hold his own until Wardes uses magic and through him against a wall.

11 Louise's Marriage Ruizu no Kekkon ルイズの結婚 September 11, 2006

Full-1.11 Louise's Marriage

Saito recounts what Wardes said that he can’t protect Louise. Louise tries to tell it doesn’t make any difference. Louise leaves to go back to her room. Guiche is with Saito when Fouquet and her golem show up to do battle with them. Wardes tell Louise Guiche and Saito are going back home and they need to get to the ship. Saito and Guiche with the help of Kirche and Tabitha defeat the golem. They all miss the ship. It fly away to Albion the floating lands. Louise delivers the letter to Wales. Later Louise find out Wardes is working for Reconquista with Mazarin. Cardinal Mazarin put a spell on Louise to make her wed Wardes. Wardes kills Wales and take the letter. Saito comes to save the day and breaks the spell. Saito and Wardes do battle. Wardes looses to Saito. But Wardes uses his wand to destroy the church with Saito and Louise inside. Kirche and Tabitha come to save the day by lavation and shield spell before the church collapses. They are levitated onto Tabitha dragon Sylphid. They fly off into the cloudes with Saito kissing Louise.

12 The Zero Secret Treasure Zero no Hihō ゼロの秘宝 September 18, 2006

Full-1.12 The Zero Secret Treasure

The gang has located a rare dragon, which Siesta's family has kept in a map. It turns out to be a Mitsubishi Zero-sen, a Japanese aircraft used in World War II. They bring it back to school. Colbert says someone earlier used another aircraft to fly during the solar eclipse and disappeared. Saito concluded that the person returned home, and this is his chance for him to return home as well.

13 Louise the Void Kyomu no Ruizu 虚無のルイズ September 25, 2006

Full-1.13 Louise the Void

Saito lets Louise know that he will be departing in three days, at the upcoming solar eclipse, in order to return home to Japan, but when she hears this she brushes it off as if she doesn't care, which, angers Saito. He waits for Louise to return from her meeting where the war between Albion and Tristain is declared inevitable. Princess Henrietta begins to organize a military force and thus the headmaster dismisses the school for the time being. Guiche is forced to join the army due to his family being in it as well. Louise walks into a sleeping Saito whereupon she says Good-bye. The next morning, Saito wakes to find a letter in which Louise has written, "You're fired! Just go wherever you want!" Louise decides to join the princess in war. The next day, Saito gets on his fighter plane while Princess Henrietta advances with the Tristain military to intercept the invading Albion force. Saito aids in battle by shooting down Albion's dragon squadrons, who were unable to keep up with the plane's speed. After running out of ammunition for the aircraft's guns, and defeating the dragon squadrons, Saito is attacked by Wardes on a wind dragon, leaving Saito defenseless. Louise unlocks her magic for the first time and casts a powerful spell known as 'Explosion' which destroys the entirety of Albion's aerial attack force. After the battle, with the solar eclipse past and the Zero Fighter nearly destroyed, Saito and Lousie sit by the plane's wreckage where they have an argument once again. They end up kissing, thus renewing the contract between them. They are all awarded medals by the princess, and Tabitha gets the water ring back from the man who stole it from her.