"The Vow of Wind and Water" is the second episode of the second season of The Familiar of Zero.


Three years before, in a beautiful evening forest shot with a light mist. The camera move over the forest and down to a lake with the moon shining off the water.


Henrietta Wale Walk On Beach In The Moon Light

You see the silhouette of man and a woman standing on the edge of the lake. The lake glittering in the back ground. WaleHenrietta.” Henrietta “Wale.”


They hold each other finger tips. His ring glowing red and hers glowing blue. Wale “Albion’s royal ruby of the wind” Henrietta “Tristain’s royal ruby of water.” Wale “When wind meets water, a rainbow is born. A rainbow which transcends the kingdoms.”
Henrietta “The forbidden love between us, Someday, it will be on that beautiful rainbow.” He kisses her forehead.


At Henrietta castel. Henrietta is standing in a large room. The moon light coming through the window in the lighthing the room. Henrietta opens a jewelry box. In it is the Tristain’s royal ruby of water She picks it up and slowly puts it on her finger.  She remembering things of the pass. You see Henrietta in a flahback of the pass. Henrietta “Wales.”

Henrietta Wale Walk On Beach In The Moon Light

Scene flashes back to a dream state of two people walking along the shore line of the lake. Wales and Henrietta are holding hands. Henrietta in an echoing voice of a dream. They are walking with a scene of the glittering lake behind them and the two moons over head. Henrietta “Wales. The spirits of Lagdorian Lake are called the Spirits of the Oath. When one swears a vow under the spirits, they cannot break it.” Wales “It’s just superstition, Henrietta.” Henrietta “I believe in it.” She moves to stand in the lake. “I, the Princess of Tristain, Henrietta hereby swear an oath under the eyes of the Water Spirits, I will forever love Wales.”

Making the vow

You see Wales’s reflection in the water with the moons over head. Wales “Henrietta.” Henrietta she turns towards Wales. “Now, please swear your everlasting love!” Wales steps out into the lake. “I, the Prince of Albion, Wales, Hereby swear an oath under the eyes of the Water Spirits.” High camera shot down on the lake, you can see the two of them in the water at the edge of the lake. Then back down to Henrietta. “One day I will, with the Princess of Tristain, Henrietta.” Long shot at lake level far off you them standing. “At Lagdorian Lake, under the rays of the sun, we shall walk hand-in-hand, ignoring everyone and everything!” Present time. A close shot of Henrietta hands, as she rubbing her ring. “Wales …”
Fut2-HenriettaRubbing theRing
Tears roll down her face. “The fact that you are dead… I still can’t believe it. In a world without you, how can I continue to live? The combination of water and wind, that how rainbow are formed in the sky.”


A camera shot across the room at Henrietta in front of two sets of french door windows.
The ring starts to glow blue. “This is …” You hear a voice “Henrietta.”

Henrietta hears a voice.

She looks around. “Who is there? Reveal yourself! How dare you enter a queen’s room unannounced! I will scream!”

Henrietta steps back looking where the voice is coming from.

A voice again. “It’s me, Henrietta, It’s Wales.” Henrietta “Wales?” Wales “Open the window, my beloved Henrietta.” Henrietta “Wales?” she is looking out the window and sees Wales standing there. “No way. Why? Aren’t you dead?” Wales “I’m not dead. I’m still alive. The one who died was a decoy.” Henrietta “It can’t be. No way.” Wales “Then, let me show you proof of who I am.”
He holds up his ring which is glowing red and she looks down at her ring and it is glowing blue. She has a surprise look, looking down at her ring. Wales “The winds blowing in the dark night…” Henrietta “The oath of the water…” She runs to open the doors and out into his arms.
Henrietta “Wales.” She has a flash back walking along the lake and the oath. Henrietta “You’re still alive, Wales. … You’re still alive!” Wales “I’m here for you, Henrietta. I want you to come with me.” Henrietta “Together?” Wales “To Albion.” Henrietta shakes her head no. “You can’t go. If you return, you will die this time.” Wales “Even then, I must go. This is the duty of a prince. Henrietta “Please doesn’t do this. Stay here. Stay in this kingdom, together with me.” He kisses her. Wales “I love you, Henrietta. So come with me.” He kisses her again. Tears are streaming down her face. Wales “I love you. Henrietta. I love you.”


Louise “What do you mean by that the princess has been kidnapped?” Agnès “This is my fault.” Louise “What about the princess?” A note was added that last week Saito was on the floor almost naked and in this scene he is fully clothed talking to Agnès. Agnès “Currently, my subordinates are searching for her. Her majesty’s kidnapper is currently escaping toward Lagdorian Lake.” Saito “Lagdorian Lake?” Agnès “In any case, in order to keep a lid on this issue, Only the gunpowder squadron and you two will be saving her majesty. You can help us, right?” Louise “Of course. The princess is in danger! How can I ignore it?”


Agnès “Then, I’ll leave it in your care.”

She rides off

She rides off. You see the plane engine running. Colbert on the ground shouting to Saito in the plane. “The airplane has yet to be fixed completely!” Saito in the plane and grass and leaves fling around the plane. “It’s fine as long as it can fly! Ah, right. Colbert. What about the thing I requested last time?” Colbert “Ah, right.

Prep 4 takeoff

The speed increased using gunpowder has been fitted. It gives you a burst of speed for a short time, but…” Louise “Hey, this is not the time to chit chat! The princess is in danger! Hurry up with Agnès!” Saito “Then, sensei, we’re off!” Colbert has a worry look on his face.
High camera shot of the plane with motor running and the grass waving in the wind. Colbert “But…” Saito has to get the plane to take off in the short field inside the castle grounds and a wall to go over. Saito hit the gun power unit Colbert put on. There is rocket unit under the wings that fire off with flames shooting out. Saito and Louise have this surprise/scared look on their faces as the plane suddenly jump forward.
The plane is picking up speed, but the plane is still on the ground. Louise “We’re going to crash
!” The wall is coming closer. Saito pulls back on the stick. The plane starts to come off the ground, but the wall is still in front of them. Ground shot with the camera as the plane flies over and rocket boost flaming away. You hear a loud crash and you see the plane flying off and chunk of the wall missing. Colbert “It flew off. Is it really alright?” He looks down on the ground and there is all these parts on the ground. “It still has so many spare parts.” Tabitha and Kirche watch the plane fly off.
Kirche “Seriously. What’s with the ruckus this early in the morning?” Tabitha “Case.” Kirche “What? What case?”


Louise is sitting on Saito lap and opens the book, but there are only blank pages. “Kidnapping the princess from the palace…” Saito “Come to think of it, I did recently hear the princess talking about a spy in the palace. Did he take her?” Louise “I heard about that too when the Ring of Anderville was stolen.” Saito “What? Didn’t we promise the Water Spirit that we would return it?” Louise “Yes. Before that, we left it in the place.” Camera outside the plane looking in. Saito “And also, Momo said that this place has magic which can revive the dead. But how do you use that?” Louise “That’s why they said you can only control it if have the dead.” Saito “W-What is that for?”
Louise I don’t know. However, we should hurry up and find her. Hey, can’t you go faster?” Saito “Right from the start, something wasn’t right.” There is a large bang and the plane starts to wobble. Louise scream “W-What did you do?”
Panic mode. Saito “I-I don’t know!” Engine is sputtering and popping as he tries to keep the plane level. Louise “Princess, are you alright?


There is clothing on the ground and camera pans up toward the lake and you see the back side of a young nude Henrietta in the water up to her hips. She hears a noise, and she turns a little covering her top and looking behind her.  “Who is there?”
There is a figure on shore. It’s a male. “Sorry for scaring you.” It looks like a young Wales. Back on shore she has her dress on and they are facing each other. Wales “Under the light of the moon, I wanted to try looking for the Water Spirit.” Henrietta “No way.” Wales “You’ve become beautiful, Henrietta. You are more beautiful than the water spirit.” This is all being played back her mine. Henrietta “Wales.”


Day time they are both riding a horse. She wakes up and looks up ate Wales. “Soon, we will reach the place where we first met, Lake Lagdorian. Henrietta “Lake Lagdorian…” Wales “At the lake is a hidden route.
Using that route, we can enter Albion.” Henrietta “Al…bion…” They look at each other eyes. Wales “I love you, Henrietta. I won’t let anyone stop us.” He slaps the horse and they pick up speed.


Agnès is on a horse galloping in chase of the queen and prince. “Hurry! We must catch up with queen!” The musket squads following. Subb “Captain! It’s her highness!” Just then a large wind spell is coming their way. Agnès “Watch out! Move!”
You see a camera shot from trees and a large explosion past the trees. Henrietta has her eyes closed. Wales is aiming his wand behind the horse at Agnès group. Camera shot of a rifle aiming forward. Agnès yells. “Aim for the horse!” You see three of the Musketeer aiming. “It won’t be funny if we hit the queen!” Wales aims his wand and fires off another wind spell. Subb “Captain! Watch out!” Agnès pulls the horse to dodge. Long camera shot of the tree and another large explosion beyond the trees. Henrietta looks back. “Wales? What are you doing? That is my gunpowder squadron!” Wales “Sorry. I don’t what anybody to stop us. Believe in me.” As Henrietta is looking up at him. “I’ll explain later. Just stay quiet and follow me.” Henrietta “But…” Wales “All you need to do is to follow that oath.” Henrietta looking up at him and remember the oath.
It the night scene at the lake the two of them looking at each other holding hand and saying the oath with the moon shining off the water. “I, the Princess of Tristain, Henrietta, hereby swear an oath under the eyes of the water spirits, I will forever love Wales.” Flash back to riding on the horse looking at each other. Wales “I love you, Henrietta. Right now, you are protecting that oath to the Water Spirits. The Prince of Albion, Wales, will forever love Henrietta.”


There some smoke coming from the plane. Saito “This is bad! The engine is damaged!” Some smoke is coming in the cockpit. Louise “Engine is damaged? What do you mean by that?” Saito “I mean…” Just then the engine stops. “This is what happens.” Louise starts to panic. “IDIOT!” The plane starts to go down. Louise “Saito is an idiot, idiot, idiot!!!” She starts beating him as they are going down. Louise “Why us?! We still have to rescue HER Majesty!” Saito “Stop hitting me.
I can hardly control the movement!” Louise is shaking Saito. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Camera shot of Sybel with Tabitha and Kirche riding on back.
The plane is spinning down and then it starts to slows down and flatten out and then stop going down. Saito “This is … Tabitha!” Kirche “Hi darling~! Your dearest Kirche is here!” Saito “What are you guys doing here?” (Note: Saito and Louise are in the plane and Tabitha and Kirche are a good 100ft away in the wind and yet they talk to each other like they are standing next to each other. ??) Kirche “Just a minute!
Is that the way you talked to someone who is here to save you? Saito “Thank you! You really saved us!” Louise is a little miffed. She turns around and bangs Saito on the head. “Hey! This is a secret mission! Stop following us!” Kirche with the wind blowing her hair around “Aren’t you tempting us to follow you by telling us that? As I was saying!” Tabitha “Below.” They look down. There is the prince and queen riding a horse down the road. Camera shot from below the horse looking up, there is Sylphid flying over head. Camera looking across the lake at the shore line. Prince and queen at the edge of the lake.


Prince and the queen looking out at the lake he was go to ride along the shore when Saito glided the plane passing just in front of them.
The horse jumps up frighten by the plane and prince and the queen fall off. In the plane Louise looking down. “Princess!” She sees who kidnapped the princess. “Prince Wales! It can’t be!” Saito “Impossible! The prince is already dead! Don’t tell me…” Louise “The Ring of Anderville!” Saito swings the plane around the lake back to the prince and princess. Wales “Are you alright?” Henrietta “Yes.” Wales “Let’s go! The ship is right in front of us!” Henrietta “Alright.” Wales see the plane glide into the shallow waters in front of them. Louise opens the cockpit and jumps out onto the wing. “Princess!”
She runs out to the end of the wing. “Are you alright?” Wales start to take Henrietta along the shore line when a heavy wind hit them. Sylphid swoop down with a quick landing and takes off by the shore line and Kirche and Tabitha jump off in front of them. Tabitha “We mustn’t let him pass!”


CromwellKirche “Sorry about that.” She looks and sees Henrietta with surprise. “Don’t tell me, it’s Henrietta, Her Majesty?!” Saito and Louise jump off the wing. Saito “Return Her Majesty to us!” Wales “Stop blabbering rubbish! Henrietta desires to be together with me.” Saito “What did you says?” Louise “Her Majesty!” Saito “Wales, don’t tell me you used the Ring of Anderville to revive yourself?” Kirche “What did you say?” The clouds in the sky are getting darker and lighting in the distance.
Wales has his head tilted down a little and has dark shadows on his face as he chuckle. “The Ring of Anderville, eh? I’ve heard of it before.” A flashback of him dead on the ground and Cromwell kneeling next to him. “The myths said it’s a magic item that gives the dead another life.” is pointing the ring at Wales and start to glows. Sheffield is standing behind him. “If that is true,” Wales body starts to glow like the ring and he open his eyes. “Then it might become a dreadful problem.” He does an evil laugh and is holding Henrietta. Louise “Princess… Her Majesty! Please come over to us! He’s not the Wales that we know! He is just an ancient spirit!” Henrietta “Louise! Stop talking about strange things! You know him too! The Wales before his death! This is the real Wales!” Wales gives this cocky look that he is winning.


Wales “Now, how about getting out of the way?” Louise “Princess!” Kirche “I don’t really understand what’s happening but…” Tabitha “Taking is pointless.”
She aims her staff at Wales. Tabitha chants a spell. “Dalvies hontallu his hissa hiru.” Ice shares fly toward Wales and impales
him and hit the tree behind him. Henrietta is shocked. Wales with holes in his chest. “It’s useless.” You holes start closing up. “Your attack is totally incapable of wounding me.” Henrietta “Wales…” Kirche “Then how about this?” She shoots a fire spell at Wales. Tabitha combines her wind spell with Kirche.
It flies toward Wales, but Wales put up a shield spell in front of him and totally blocks it. Wales points his wand towards Kirche and Tabitha and fires off a wind spell. “Didn’t I just say it’s pointless?” Kirche and Tabitha go flying backward and Tabitha drops her staff. Henrietta “Kirche! Tabitha!”
Louise “Princess! You saw it, didn’t you? He isn’t the Wales whom you once knew!” Henrietta thinks for a minute. “No! No! This can’t be possible.” She is in denial. “He told me he would love me, Henrietta, for eternity!” Louise
“Don’t be fooled!” Henrietta “Louise! Have you ever truly loved a person? Eh? True love is about giving up everything just to be with him. So please stop obstructing us, Louise!” Louise “No, Her Majesty! Please come to your senses!” Henrietta has a stern look on her face. “This is the queen’s order, Louise Françoise! This is my last order for you! Please get out of my way!” Saito “Like talking in your dreams after you’ve fallen asleep… It doesn’t matter what you say now.” Henrietta “Saito, please get out of my way! I’ve made up my mind!” She steps over to Wales. “I’m going to follow Wales wherever he goes!”


Saito put one foot in front of him and dig in. “If you still insist on going…”
He pulls out Derflinger. “I’ll stop you!” The runes on his hand start to glow. Wales aims his wand and fires a spell. Saito charges and swing and the spell are gone.
Henrietta aims her scepter/wand at Saito. “Don’t come!” She puts up an ice wall. Louise “Saito!” Henrietta “I will never let lay a finger upon Wales! Please, stop obstructing me!” Everybody is drenching wet. Tabitha and Kirche sit up. Agnès is looking around a tree in the back ground and stagger out. “Princess!” Henrietta “Louise! Please give it up!” She is shaking with her wand in front of her.
Wales take her hands. “Right! This is the way. This is where our ideas match!” (Note: Depending on the translator what spells being used. The anime translator here says although Wales says something about “Triangle of Wind and Triangle of water.” They used “Hurricane” because it simply fits the next scene a bit more. What the novel translators did, Wales said “Wind, Wind, Wind” and Henrietta said “Water, Water, Water” to combine the two triangle spells together like the way Kirche and Tabitha did with fire and wind.) Wales “The Hurricane of Water and the Hurricane of Wind!” There is large wind hurricane build up with ice shards and start to move toward Saito and Louise. Saito charges forward and blocks the hurricane mixed with the ice shards. “At this, I’ll be defeated!” It’s pushing him back as Derflinger is grinding away at it.
Derflinger “Hey you, how about taking a peek in the secret manual?” Louise looks surprise. “Secret manual?” She pulls out the prayer book. “There is nothing written on it!” She flipping through the pages. Suddenly some writing appears on a page. “Huh? Dispel magic?” Derflinger “That’s it! It’s revealed now!” Wales “The bloodline of Albion Royalty, Hexagon Magic. No one can stop us now.” Henrietta is behind Wales with the look of regret. “Louise…” Louise chants the spell of Dispel.
“Blue Sirsas An Sudake…” Saito “Louise, you aren’t done yet? Something amazingly strange is happening on the other side!” Derflinger “Before the casting of the spell is complete, Protecting your master is your responsibility, Gandálfr!” Saito “I’m…” Louise “Kyo Fu Ni Do Narushis…” Saito “That’s right, I’m Zero’s familiar!” Louise “Haelus Yara…” Saito is being chewed up by the Hurricane of wind and ice shards. “Damn it!” “Damn it! Is this the best I can do?” Louise “…deteo is!” The writing starts glowing and flash white. T
here is beam of light shooting up in to the sky from the book. Bright flashes with images of Wales face lit up in surprise.
Henrietta mouth open wide eye in surprise. A determent look on Louise face. Lighting and white light flashing around Wales as he screams as he fades away into the light. The wind is dying down and you see Saito through it.
The wind is gone and Saito is standing exhausted holding Derflinger in front of him. (Note: in the novel he is chewed up really bad. Henrietta had to heal him. After all the “I’m sorry”.)


The clouds let up and it is foggy. The camera pans the lake. Saito, Louise, Kirche, and Tabitha are looking at Henrietta crying and holding Wales on the ground.
Fog is drifting on the ground. Wales move his hand.
He reaches up and touches Henrietta cheek. Henrietta “Wales…” Wales looking at her. “Henrietta, Stop crying! Before I leave, I would like you to forgive me, and make an oath, Henrietta…” Henrietta “An oath? What oath shall I make?” Wales “Forget about me.” She is surprised “Make an oath to forget about me, and fall in love with another guy.” Everybody is watching. “I wish to hear those words. Beside the Lake of Lagdorian, with the Water Spirit as witness.” Henrietta “I can’t make an oath like that!” Wales “Please do it, Henrietta.” Henrietta “No! No way! Please stop lying! I won’t make the oath!” Wales “I’m running out of time.” Henrietta with tears in her eyes. “In that case, make an oath! An oath that you will love me! Love me for eternity! I’ll make the oath not the Wales of the past, but to the Wales of the present!” Wales “I would if I could. But someone who is dead can’t make an oath for eternity. Henrietta… Forgive me, Henrietta… Three years ago, I couldn’t speak these words, Due to my inevitable fate.” He hit with a sharp pain. Henrietta “Wales...” Wales “I’m glad to have met you, Henrietta.” Tears are running down her face. Wales “I love you, forever.” He gone. “Wales! Wales!” Louise looks down. Henrietta “Please open your eyes!” Saito put his arm around Louise. Henrietta “Wales!” She screams. “Wales!!!” crying. Camera move backward over the lake as they stand on the shore. Henrietta screaming “Wales!!!” A flashback to the time they made t
he oath on the lake. They are holding hands. The two rings are glowing. His reddish pink and her light b
lue. Wales “The wind blowing in the dark night…” Henrietta “The oath with the water…” A camera shot from the mountain looking down at the lake with a rainbow over the lake.